Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012, A Race Year in Review

As everyone posts their 2012 medal collection on FB, I am forced to review mine. Looking back on the races that I completed this year, I am a little shocked. Many racers vow to race more. Me? I ran 30 races last year, (not including multiple trips through the same course,) and am trying to race less. After looking over my heavy 2013 race calendar with Scott, I have decided to cut the number of races that I run to spend more time with my amazing kids and boyfriend. Hopefully, I will pick the races that “count,” and those that will be the most advantageous in helping me move towards my goals. As 2012 has come and gone, here is a quick recap…

Proudest racing moment: Finishing the Boston marathon in the horrible heat, vowing that I would never return to Boston, then refocusing myself to re-qualify in June. 


Funnest race: A toss up between Ragnar Wasatch Back/Socal with my family, close friend Tiff, and my Q, the Malibu Spartan sprint with Scott, and the Superhero Scramble night wave with tires. 

Most frustrating: L.A. Marathon, setting a personal course record, but missing a BQ time by 35 seconds. I will be back with a vengeance this year.


Toughest day to show up: Texas, day 2. Racing in the cold on sore legs from the day before, not knowing whether or not it would affect my 2012 Spartan points ranking. Turns out, it didn’t. 


Hardest race: The Utah Valley Marathon, normally, one of my favorite races with Brent pacing me. I didn’t train well this year though; the last 4 miles were incredibly painful. I was only able to barely squeak out a BQ with Brent literally dragging me to the finish line. Love you brother.

Lessons learned: Pay attention and stay on course. Vermont, Texas, ugh. The list goes on and on.

Favorite race: Always Boston. The people of Boston treat you like a rock star. I have never felt so welcome racing in any city. See you in a few months.  Have to follow this up with NWM. Always love that race, a road trip with close friends, and feeling empowered at the start line surrounded by 25,000 other women.

Favorite series: Spartan of course. Though the 2012 points series left much to be desired. Still undecided whether or not I will try to make it to the top of the points this year, but right now I’m thinking “no.”

Here’s hoping all of you have a great 2013. I am super excited for this year and everything I have to look forward to. Carpe Diem! -Ang

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