Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping a New Year's Commitment

Keeping a New Year’s Commitment

Many people make a resolution as the new year is rung in to try something new, to do something better, to  improve themselves in some way. Most people actually commit for a while, then about the time January has passed, the old habits take over and the resolution is forgotten for yet another year.

I used to be one of those people. Year after year my resolution was to lose weight and get fit. Every year I’d start off with a bang and then by the end of January I’d find myself a pound heavier.

Not last year, 2012 was a different year for me. For starters I didn’t make a 2012 resolution. I didn’t make a change on January first. One year ago today, December 29, I made a decision, a commitment. I decided that I was going to do Spartan Race’s WOD (workout of the day) every single day no matter what from now until my very first Spartan Race on March 9. Two and a half months of exercise and training. Two and a half months was not as overwhelming as twelve months.

So with March 9 circled on my calendar, I developed a plan. I’d go to bed after I read the next day’s WOD, after I had a plan of what the training would be and where and how I’d do it. I decided to start on Dec. 30 as it wouldn’t really be a new year’s resolution then.

Day after day I trudged through those workouts. Each week the exercises got easier in the sense that they were becoming part of my routine and my body was headed in the direction of my goals.

March 9 came and went. I was pleased with my accomplishments and decided to commit even longer.  I am still doing WODs every day, now often twice a day. I no longer have to plan the night before. My body and mind are always ready for another WOD. I now have to plan to REST and NOT exercise.

You too, can find success in your goals for the New Year. Set a short term goal and DECIDE you are going to do it. Find people, websites, programs that will be of encouragement to you.  Happy 2013, you CAN accomplish your goals.


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