Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Lifelong habits begin in childhood. So why not instill some healthy, lifelong habits with your kid, or a kid close to your heart?
This past weekend I had the honor to race with two of my heroes, two little girls from Boca Raton, Florida. These two little ones, ages 4 and 5 have been cheering for me in my ventures of Obstacle Course Racing for the past many months. When I crossed the finish line at the Super Hero Scramble in Miami on Saturday, two little voices were screaming out my name. As I scanned the crowd looking for the owners of these voices I found two bright, beaming faces. It’s one thing to have fans cheering, but to have mini-fans cheering, Wow! What an incredible honor! These two strawberry blondes, clad in pig tails, so sweetly asked if I would be watching them in the kid’s race. How could I think of doing anything different? Of course I would be there.
 Samantha and Zoe had been training for the half mile kid’s obstacle race. They did muscle ups on the back of an old couch. They used cushions to simulate battling off gladiators; they climbed over things, underthings, and probably through things, too. Samantha and Zoe already know at their tender ages that hard work, or should I say play, pays off.

To the start line they go, the gun goes off and these two warriors are on the trail. Neither kid was afraid to tackle any obstacle. In fact they both tried and accomplished the entire series of obstacles mostly on their very own. Pretty impressive for kids so young, Oh, the confidence they had!
Samantha and Zoe, and kids in general, don’t need to know the reasons why exercise and nutrition are important, they don’t need to stick to an exercise plan, or learn about heart rate or pace. At such a young age, kids will automatically begin the habits of a healthy lifestyle by the example we, the adults and role models, give them.                                                                       .
So don’t wait any longer, sign yourself and a child you adore up for an OCR near you today.
                                                                                                     ~ Andi



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