Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's in my CamelBack?

I almost always run with my Camelback.  Why you ask?  For many reasons.  First of all I get hot very fast and knowing I have plenty of water with me helps me deal with the heat.  It is not only physically helpful, but mentally reassuring.  Second of all - with just a small Camelback I can carry many items that have been vital to me on some of my longer runs. 
So - here is what I bring and why.  Not all of these items come into play every time I run, but I am thankful to have had each one of them at some point during the last year.

 1.  Advil - Sometimes I have used this for sore knees or back on a long run.  Most days I don't use it and don't need it but its good to know I have it just in case.
2.  Muscle Nitro - If I'm doing a long run or hike - 4+ hours - I take 8 of these capsules.  They help rebuild muscle while your working out.
3.  Money - Because of where I live I usually run on the roads.  Its good to have a little cash in case I want to stop and get a snack or drink, or in case I get injured and need to call a cab to pick me up.
4.  Snacks - I like mini Clif Bars, mini Luna Bars, Shot Bloks, Fruit leathers, Gummies and sometimes trail mix.
5.  Chap stick - Its less messy than sunscreen - and isn't just for the lips.  You can put it on your forehead, shoulders, cheeks, and just about everywhere.  Chap stick can also be used like vaseline to help with spots that might be chafing.
6.  Mace - Just in case - you never know when your going to run into the boogie man!
7.  Pocketknife - in case it gets personal with the boogie man! Or in case you need to cut a shoe lace, pull out a splinter, cut some mole skin, or..... 
8.  Oral Rehydration Salts.  I don't always use these but if its a hot day and I know I'm going to be working out or running for half a day or more I will.  I usually only put half the packet in my water.  It does make the water taste a little salty but drinking that salty walker lets me know I'm getting my electrolytes.
9.  Bandaids - These aren't perfect but they do help for blisters or chafing.
10.  Imodium and Anti - Nausea pills.  I'd love to say I have never had to use these but I can't.  If I go on long run I could be 10-15 miles away from a bathroom.  If you start to get sick - and I think you know what I mean - it can lead to some serious dehydration and weakness.  Its better to be safe than sorry and these babies work pretty quick.
11.  V-Max weight(s) taken from my weight vest.  These weights are the same size as a mini Clif bar and weigh about 2kg each.  I usually run with 2-3 of them to add a little weight. 
- Corinne

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