Thursday, February 7, 2013

Barb Wire 4 Breakfast Merchandise Now 4 Sale

Barb Wire 4 Breakfast Merchandise Now 4 Sale

Tee shirts ($15) and Stickers ($1) are now for sale. We will have them with us in Phoenix for the AZ Reebok Spartan Sprint and in Miami for the Reebok Spartan Super for starters. You can get your way cool shirt/sticker from Ang, Corinne, or myself at the race in AZ this Saturday/Sunday. I will be in Miami as well.  We can also ship orders, if you’d like to order shirts/stickers please message one of us. Our site will soon reflect a friendly ordering system.

Ang, Corinne and I appreciate all of the support and encouragement we’ve been given from all of you; our awesome fans, friends, and family. We love each and every one of you!  We look forward to bringing you many more epic barb wire items as well as continue with our blogs and stories.

Hope to see you this weekend or at a race very soon.


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