Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gulf Coast Spartan Race

Andi and I are currently sitting on the couch. I am lucky to have her in L.A. with me for Thanksgiving. We are tired, but several blogs behind, so I am willing my eyes open to write one. My bedroom looks like Kermit the frog exploded in it and I am happy. :) Andi and I spent last weekend in Sacramento racing and the weekend before that in Mississippi. You can read all about the first part of our road trip at: Chris kindly came along to experience all the action and excitement of what we like to call "Ang & Andi's Adventure."

The Gulf Coast was a really amazing race. It was the first time I had ever experienced the culture of the deep south, the first time I ever had a chance to meet my friend Janice in person, and the first time we had ever burned an 8 ft. wall after a race. :) The people of Mississippi were incredibly welcoming. Amazingly, it was also the first time I had an entire weekend with Andi. Something that I had been looking forward to since we met. It was so exciting to go to a "no pressure" race and have fun with no expectations or "need" to win.

This was a Founder's Race which meant "back to Spartan basics" as far as the course: a ton of hay bales, some water, a lot of sand, forest, and swamp. I really loved the course and found that it was incredibly runner friendly. In my training recently I have lost a bit of my endurance base but gained quite a bit of speed. This helped me immensely in the running sections of the course.

I was lucky enough to win G.C. Lucky, because it could have gone either way and probably should have gone to Janice. She is a FIERCE competitor and was in her hometown killing the course. Though I really love all the gear that I won, I am still chasing a Spartan win for a helmet.

Thanksgiving is a "rest" weekend for Andi, Corinne, and myself. Next weekend we'll head to Malibu and then Glen Rose for the season closer. It's been a busy couple of months for all of us and Mississippi was no exception. We're excited to head into the end of the year and look forward to meeting many of you at races in 2013. Until then! -Ang

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  1. ANG: was great meeting you finally and yes, burning the wall was definitely a first for many! :) So glad you cam and so happy you won! Will see you soon at the Beast is TX! I may need you to come and help be prepared for a second lap! AMY