Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bruises for Breakfast...a photo gallery

After this weekend in Vermont I have colors on my skin I have never seen before.  Aqua greens, deep purples, blue, bright red, pink, brown.  I have new "Spartan Tattoos" all over my body, new scrapes, new Camelbak chafing marks, new ink.  While to be honest the pics don't do my ink even 10% of the justice it deserves, this is a sneak peak at what 35+ miles, 10,000 feet elevation gain, and two left feet will get you.
One mistake I made this weekend was to bring only one pair of pants.  I knew I was going to be going to New York and planned a bunch of cute outfits to wear; my little black dress, a cute black skirt, lots of tank tops.... not such a good idea.  I ended up wearing my 1 pair of jeans the entire weekend.

One of my public appearances was at my first hot yoga class.  The instructor had heard I ran the spartan race and asked if I was healed and ready for yoga (this was wed).  I told her... "not too much" and she came to take a closer look!  She almost died when she saw me.

My arms look and feel like I got beat with a 2x4.  I got these bruises going over the 8 foot walls.  I'm not strong enough or dont have enough balance to push up with my palms on them so I end up doing this chicken wing thing to belly flop myself over the top.  Result... 8 plus walls per lap = major bruising!

These I'm pretty sure are from the tirolean traverse.  My technique is to wrap my legs/ankles/knees over the rope and "walk" under it.  It is fast and efficient but leaves a mark!

This is Corinne!  Just in case you can't rednecognize the sexy bod! :)

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